Saturday, July 10, 2010

extrasolar planets, boozy babies, filesharing helps society, genetic Jew ties, climate skeptics historical parallels, oil spill tracker, [...]

Well it's been a while but I'm out of Palmerston North, through Christchurch, in Hobart and have internet again, so some of these stories are probably a little out of date. Although I have internet and have tried to post the original papers I'm currently unable to read and verify them.

First from slashdot is the news that the Kepler mission has found 752 Extrasolar planet candidates.

It turns out there is a study that apparently finds Booze breeds better babies. I think this is the orginal paper.

From ars technica is a story that argues file sharing has weakened copyright and helped society. Naturally the music industry, by which I mean the RIAA equivalents, are not convinced.

From nature are two interesting links. The first is that it seems Jews share worldwide genetic ties. The original paper may be found here. Also there is an article about defeating the merchants of doubt which discusses parallels between climate change skeptics and other groups in the past. Unfortunately you'll need to find someone with a subscription in order to be able to read it.

I've made a few posts on the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the gulf of mexico. The New York Times have published an applet that tracks the oil spill in the gulf. It's kinda cool... and depressing.

I think from Sequoia comes an article talking about how the pentagon is one step closer to reanimation. I remember once upon a time hearing that a dog was reanimated... I wonder whatever happened with that... anyway this study was on rats and hasn't yet been applied to people. Also a study that finds botox may impair empathy with the original study here. She also sent me a link about a neuroscientist who has found "people with low activity [in a particular area of the brain] are either free-wheeling types or sociopaths".

From Tim is an article about the mineral wealth in Afghanistan and from Gillian a link to the Daily Shows response to this information.

From Marcel comes a link about a group in the Andies who are painting the rocks white in an effort to cool the area and allow glaciers to recover. I have to say I'm skeptical as surely when the glaciers were there the area was white and that seemed not to have helped overly...

From... someone (Edit: Sequoia)... is a story that suggests ravens show consolation and from... someone else... comes an article talking about the genetic secrets of living to 100.