Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why are pop songs popular, low IQ - suicide risk link, NZ police to be permitted to work in local government

Sequoia sends me a link about a study (I think this is the one the article talks about, although googling the authors names yields a number of other possibilities) that asked under what conditions do pop songs become pop song? It seems that although there are a few songs that everybody hates, or a few that everybody likes that if a song is mediocre it will become popular as a self-fulling prophecy.

From Scientific American: 60 Second Psych comes a report on a study that seems to link lower IQ and suicide rates. Although it comes with a few caveats and a number of possible explanations.

On a political bend a bill has been introduced by the fascistPolice Minister Judith Collins that would allow police to serve on local government, which is currently not permitted under present NZ law. At present to take up a governmental position a policeman cannot be a member of the force at the same time, there are no restrictions to doing one after the other.

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