Sunday, June 6, 2010

Power from rat hearts, modern art, internet makes you smarter, wine tasting, lots of links related to the deep horizon oil spill

So it's been a while. But I've been dutifully taking note of interesting links I find. First, another economy based youtube video from Simon. If nothing else the animation is cool.

From Sequoia comes an article on how to use rat heart beats to generate electricity and a cool piece of art which is a recreation of the sun. She also sent an article that argues the internet makes you smarter and draws parallels to other things in history. It also turn out yet another study has been done on whether pros can tell different wines apart. The results not looking so good.

Finally you can't seem to go anywhere and not hear about the Deep Horizon oil spill at the moment. Sophie posted a collection of photos from the spill. Simon posted a link that suggests BP made some bad decisions leading up to the disaster. Richard posted a link that points out Nigeria has similarly sized oil spills relatively often. A story from slashdot that BP bought the oil spill oil search term suggesting they may be trying to improve public relations. Someone else posted about someone who created a cloth that successfully separates water from Gulf water. Finally on a more amusing note an Auckland store has launched a BP flavour gelato, with $1 from each one sold going to charity, thanks Sarah.

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  1. Thanks for linking the "internet makes you smarter" article. I have some opinions on this matter, and I look forward to reading it.