Saturday, May 15, 2010

LED data transfer, cognitive biases, staring at boobs, German stabbing bot arms

From Sequoia I received two links the first is a claim from researches at the Chinese Academy of Sciences that that can successfully transmit data using LEDs. I tried to find the original paper without success seemingly they achieved 2Mbs-1 and the flickering was so inperceptible that it could be used for room lighting.

The second was a visiual study guide for cognitive biases. There are a lot. Some I suspected existed, some I had no idea about. But you should totally look at the article---it has pictures!

From The CUSP episode 4 is an article that staring at boobs daily prolongs a man's life by 5 years. Much to my chagrin it turns out not to be true.

Finally from the Amateur Scientist podcast comes information of a study from German Researchers that were trying to teach a knife welding robot arm to tell when it was stabbing was soft tissue. I tried to find the original study but the PDF results from google scholar seemed to all be dead. At any rate switched on has a good deal of detail and video, including one of a researcher allowing the robot to stab him.

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