Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Post!

Before my first attempt at a blog post proper we have a youtube video "Fear the Boom and Bust" by Hayek and Kaynes. Rap about economics: whatever will be next.

From economics to space we have a few articles. The first from Zane about how one of Jupiter's stripes is gone. Tbe big read spot is still there though. The second from Jason where a Hole has been formed in the birth of stars. The associated picture looks almost like an artist's interpretation of the situation.

From Finch come two stories with a Russian theme. the first details how nukes could be used to help the oil slick that currently plagues the coast of the southeast states. The second is about a woman that seems to be treating cats like magic crystals

Finally from episode 101 from the amateur scientist podcast there is an article about how Prince Phillip is the object of a cargo cult of the Yaohnanan tribe in Vanuatu. Wikipedia has a write up and if you would like to know more about cargo cults Skeptoid has a good episode on it.

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